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Low Cost Marketing Strategies for Mobile Veterinarians

Posted by Postitive Impressions on

As a veterinarian running a mobile business, your business is unique in that you’re able to offer many services when your clients need them, where they need them. This nontraditional system is incredibly valuable to those who require your services due to lack of transportation, an emergency, or because they have pets with special needs. While running a mobile veterinary practice definitely has a variety of unique challenges, marketing should not be one of them. Regardless of whether or not you have a physical clinic or your entire business is in your mobile unit, there are a number of low cost marketing strategies for mobile veterinarians that can help you get the word out to potential customers and help you grow your business better than ever before. Although marketing can be intimidating, especially when you’d rather be focusing on your business, it can be quite simple. The following are ways to make the most of your marketing efforts to get the biggest return. 

Online Marketing

Today, an online presence is everything. Even if you do have a brick & mortal store, your online storefront (aka your website) is almost more valuable for marketing purposes than any other tool thanks to Google and other search engines. People don’t drive around looking for veterinarians, instead they ask their friends for recommendations or simply “Google” them. A well-developed website can go a long way in terms of your marketing strategy. Throw in a social media presence and local listings, and you’ll be getting calls from prospective clients in a matter of days. For all online marketing, be sure there is consistency on all platforms with your business name, logo, address and phone numbers. 

Effective Use of Promotional Products

One of the most important, if not the most important tool for low cost marketing opportunities is with promotional products. These tools are a great way to market your mobile practice by helping your name and logo stand out and memorable in the minds of your prospects and customers. You can easily leave a lasting impression with a physical object reminding your prospect and clients of your existence. Great examples of low-cost, effective promotional products include fun kid stickers, cute gift bags, calendars, and business & reminder cards. Promotional products for mobile veterinarian clinics can come in many forms, so you can easily pick and choose which products work best for you and your business.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Ask any business owner and they’ll tell you that one of the easiest ways to get business is to establish a strong local network through a referral program. This cost-effective marketing option can be done by taking advantage of connections you have with local animal shelters, pet stores, animal rights groups, groomers, specialty pet stores, and any other business that supports the well-being of animals. Once you let these businesses know about your mobile services by using marketing tools like postcards, and establishing a good relationship, you’ll have customers calling you almost immediately. As a “thank you” for word-of-mouth marketing, you could always offer discounts or freebies to current clients.

There are many positive aspects of running your own mobile veterinarian practice. From working at your own pace and creating your own business model, to providing many of the same services at brick & mortal locations without the overhead of rent, you will find that a mobile veterinarian practice can be fulfilling and extremely lucrative. A strong and effective marketing strategy is one of the best ways to make that happen while generating income and gaining a competitive edge.

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