Stamp-able Memorial Inserts

Stamp-able Memorial Inserts

Memorial Insert Cards for Paw Print Stamping

Give grieving families a lasting reminder of their beloved companion by stamping their dog or cat's paw or nose print onto a stamp-able memorial insert card. Positive Impressions offers a wide selection of premium memorial inserts to choose from featuring backgrounds ranging from rainbows to picket fences. The inserts are designed to readily accept stamp ink, making a crisp, clear image of the pet's paw print.

Keepsake Cards

During a family's time of loss, a small kindness can go a long way. A keepsake memorial card is an easy and affordable way to show them care and support in their time of need. A paw print may be taken before or after the pet has passed, and the keepsake memorial cards will hold onto the stamp ink for years, memorializing the pet. Memorial paw print impression kits are another great way to capture the memory of the pet. Ink pads are sold separately.

Multiple Styles Available

You can choose the design that best fits your client or your clinic. From the classic rainbow theme symbolizing the pet's journey over the Rainbow Bridge to a picket fence theme that's perfect for cats or dogs, memorial paw print cards come in a variety of styles to suit your needs.

Each style is sold in sets of 25 cards per pack, with two sizes available in each design. Order your favorite style or a pack in each style. Quantity discount pricing is available, with price breaks at five packages and further price breaks at 10 packages or more. See additional pricing information below. (These discounts do not apply to the ink pads.)

Shop for all of your favorite stamp-able memorial inserts online at Positive Impressions and find the best memorial products to show your support to your clients in their time of need.

  • VMSC1 & VMSC3 - Quantity discount pricing at 5 packs ($11.50/pack) and at 10+ packs ($9.50/pack).
  • VMSC2 & VMSC4 - Quantity discount pricing at 5 packs ($10.50/pack) and at 10+ packs ($8.50/pack).

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