Full-Color Tote Bags 9"x12"

Full-Color Tote Bags 9"x12"

Make your day a little more colorful by ordering a pack of full-color plastic tote bags from Positive Impressions. The 9" x 12" tote bags are made from a high-quality plastic material that's strong enough to stand up to everyday life. The bags are printed in a full-color design of your choosing, with an animal-themed design perfect for shelters, veterinary clinics, animal welfare groups and much more. The double reinforced handle ensures ease of use and reliability.

Full-color Design

Full-color tote bags are made to be eye-catching and the designs available at Positive Impressions are sure to turn a few heads. Printed to fill the entire front side of the tote bag, the full-color designs include plenty of cute animals, positive messaging and an uplifting color scheme. The full-color tote bags cannot be customized, but they can ship quickly, often within 24 hours of placing an order.

Looking for a customizable option? Check out our selection of customizable 12" x 15" plastic tote bags and 9" x 13" plastic tote bags.

Reinforced Die Cut Handles

Full-color plastic tote bags make carrying essentials easier with the die-cut handles. The fold over reinforced handles are die-cut into the bag, so they always offer a convenient place to grasp. The handles are carefully placed to prevent rips and tears, giving the bag the stability and strength you need for all kinds of tasks.

Shop at Positive Impressions to order your favorite full-color plastic tote bags in the design of your choice. Because the bags are not customized, most orders ship within 24 hours, so you'll get your bags quickly.

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