Client Giveaways

Client Giveaways

For veterinary clinics, client relationships form the backbone of your business - from routine visits to emergency care. As you show each person that you care about their pet, complement your appointments and services with branded promotional products, including client giveaways.

What Are Client Giveaways?

For veterinarians, client giveaways reinforce branding - and reiterate your contact information - on two key occasions: with first-time patients and later as you run promotions on social media or at community events. These solutions incorporate your name and logo, and clients can use them again and again with their pets.

Consider the following from Positive Impressions:

  • Tennis balls and pet toys: The exterior displays your logo and contact information, while the design is ready for a game of fetch or hours chasing after a ball in the yard.
  • Crayons, coloring books and stickers: These giveaways often keep a client's children entertained as their beloved pet undergoes an examination or routine procedure.
  • Leashes: When it's time for a walk, a leash always comes in handy. These solutions made from durable nylon and featuring heavy-duty hardware can have your clinic's name printed along the length.
  • Pet food can covers: Help clients preserve their pet's food for their next meal with can covers featuring your name and logo.
  • Grooming and pet health products: Ensure clients have the essentials for grooming and caring for their pets at home. Add your logo and contact information to combs, toothbrushes and tick removers.

Order Client Giveaways for Your Veterinary Clinic

Whether you go mobile or operate from a brick-and-mortar storefront, Positive Impressions helps you create a professional image through branded products. To expand your marketing strategy with client giveaways, select any of these solutions today to display your logo or clinic information, and get free shipping on qualifying orders of $250 and up.

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