Thermal Label Printer Cleaning Cards

Thermal Label Printer Cleaning Cards

Safely and effectively remove contamination from your printer's head and printing mechanism using mess-free thermal label printer cleaning cards from Positive Impressions. Your printer plays a big role in your business and making sure it is well-maintained should be a top priority. Our printer cleaning cards are easy to use, effective and affordable, making them the smart choice for your business.

Improve Print Quality

When print quality starts to decrease or you notice streaks on labels or printed items, it's time to think about cleaning your printer. Printer cleaning cards work on the printer's head and printing mechanism, quickly removing any label residue, paper lint or dust. By removing contaminants, you'll notice an immediate improvement in print quality for better-looking labels and stickers.

Easy to Use

Thermal printer cleaning cards are easy to use. Printers should be cleaned twice a month or whenever you notice poor print quality, illegible labels, printer jams or print voids. Regular cleaning will improve print quality and help extend the life of the print head. To use the cleaning card, simply remove the paper roll or label roll from the printer, insert the cleaning card and pull it through the print path. Remove and discard of the cleaning paper, then re-insert the paper roll or labels and resume printing. Cleaning takes just seconds and is virtually mess-free.

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