Pet Waste Dispensers

Pet Waste Dispensers

Leaving pet waste outdoors isn't just inconvenient - Especially for dog owners, pet waste dispensers are essential for walks and longer trips. All they have to do is unroll or pull out a bag to contain their pet's solid waste and deposit it into the nearest trash can.

As you consider useful promotional products for your veterinary practice, consider providing new and existing clients with a branded pet waste dispenser. Here's what to keep in mind:

What Pet Waste Dispensers Do

Dispensers contain a collection of bags specifically designed for picking up and disposing of pet waste. These bags come in handy whether you're taking your pet for a walk, bringing them to the park or an event, or even while they're playing in the backyard.

For a few considerations:

  • Not every dispenser holds the same size or type of waste bag, with common options including rolled and hanging.
  • Rolled dispensers typically have two openings for inserting and removing bags. Hanging systems have one.
  • Make sure to communicate to your clients how to use the provided dispenser and the size and type of bag needed.

Ordering Pet Waste Dispensers Through Positive Impressions

Create a memorable, on-brand impression for your veterinary clinic with bone-shaped pet waste dispensers. Small enough to fit on a keychain, leash or a pet's collar, each includes a plastic clip and an area for displaying your logo and contact information.

Keep in mind that customized products can't be ordered online. Please call 877-761-5933 to place your order and learn how to submit your artwork. Get free shipping on qualifying orders of $250 and up!

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