Prescription Bags

Prescription Bags

Secure pet prescriptions in these stylish bags from Positive Impressions. When packaging up pet medications, it's always a good idea to place them inside a bag. This provides a handy way for the client to bring the meds home and helps to avoid the possibility of the container getting lost on the way. In addition, the bag itself can help promote your veterinary practice and provide important contact information and instructions for the client. Browse through the full collection of veterinary prescription bags available on our site to find the best fit for your needs.

Choose Your Prescription Bag Type

At Positive Impressions, we offer three main types of prescription bags for veterinary clinics and pharmacies. One of the most popular options is our standard pinch-bottom prescription bags. These feature fun, pet-themed prints that will work well for any veterinary business. Choose from options like paw prints, cat and dog drawings and more. These are non-customizable bags featuring colorful designs that your clients will love.

Add Custom Details to Your Prescription Bags

If you want to add unique details to your prescription bags, choose from our personalized bag options: one-color or full-color custom prescription bags. Either of these options can be customized to feature the name, address, phone number and website for your business. You can choose which color you want for the one-color bags, or go with one of the eye-catching full-color personalized prescription bags instead.

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