Pet Health Giveaways

Pet Health Giveaways

All clients, no matter the pets at home, are advised to get into a grooming and health maintenance routine. As a veterinarian, you direct them to check the integrity of their cat's or dog's skin, brush their teeth and look for ticks during the spring and summer.

In addition to this advice, supply your clients with the tools to perform these tasks. Among our promotional pet products, pet toothbrushes, combs and tick removers assist with at-home care and provide space for displaying your practice's brand and contact details.

The Importance of Grooming a Pet

Brushing and cutting a cat's or dog's hair results in a cleaner appearance. Yet, beyond looks, steps like running a comb through their fur and regular bathing help maintain their health and let you spot a condition possibly requiring a veterinarian's attention.

At-home grooming:

  • Helps you spot issues like dry, flaky, red or weeping skin, scratches, lesions and cysts.
  • Helps control matting - a condition that can mask fleas and ticks, hold onto a pet's waste and even restrict blood circulation.
  • Assists with controlling and managing ticks and fleas, especially for cats and dogs that spend part of their days outdoors.

What About Dental Care?

In addition to combing fur and checking for ticks, brushing a dog's teeth is increasingly recommended by veterinarians. As many owners realize at one point or another, pets are susceptible to multiple dental issues, from plaque and tartar buildup to cavities, gum disease and broken or fractured teeth. Using a dog toothbrush each night helps manage these risks, maintains your pet's dental health and lets you inspect their teeth and gums for potential concerns.

Ordering Cat and Dog Giveaways From Positive Impressions

Impress your clients as you provide guidance on grooming and maintaining their pets' health from home. Order custom toothbrushes, combs and other health and grooming products featuring your practice's logo, and get free shipping on qualifying orders of $250 and up!

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