Pawprint Impression Kits

Pawprint Impression Kits

Supplies for Making Keepsake Pawprint Impressions

Losing a pet is never easy, but pawprint impression supplies from Positive Impressions makes it easy to create a lasting memory. We carry everything you need to make high-quality pawprint impressions, including the original paw print kit™ in original white, soft white, terra cotta, and almond shimmer, and Air-Dry Pet Keepsake Impression Kits™, organza bags, alphabet stamps, ceramic charms, and decorative stamps. Everything you need excluding the clay!

Memorial Keepsakes

Pawprint impressions are a favorite memorial keepsake amongst pet owners. Pawprint impressions are easy to make and each one is unique to the pet that it was made from. Pawprint impressions can be made while the pet is alive or after it is deceased, leaving pet owners with a lasting keepsake to help remember a special member of the family. Display the pawprint impression with your pet's urn for an elegant tribute.

Customizable Keepsakes

Because every pet has a unique pawprint, no two keepsakes will ever be the same. On top of the unique pawprint of your pet, a keepsake pawprint impressions kit can also be customized with the addition of charms, birthstones, ribbons, and by adding your pet's name or their birthdate for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind keepsake. Add your pet's name or their birthdate for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind keepsake. Customizable pawprint keepsakes are perfect for display, and easily rest on a 3.5-inch easel.

For a simple, elegant keepsake that will help keep your pet close to your heart, order a pawprint impression kit or supplies from Positive Impressions. Whether you need a kit or accessories, you'll find everything you need at fantastic prices.

Mix and match ClayPaws Kits™ for best quantity pricing.  Discounts applied at time of checkout.  

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