Envelope Seals

Envelope Seals

Animal-Themed Envelope Seals and Adhesive Labels

Give your correspondence an elegant finish with an envelope seal from Positive Impressions. Ideal for veterinary clinics, shelters, rescues and more, the animal-themed seals measure 1-inch in diameter and have a smooth, glossy finish. The self-adhesive seals can be used to secure correspondence, lab results, occasion cards and much more, adding a special touch to any envelope and additional security.

Easy to Use

You know how to label or address an envelope using address labels, but now you can secure an envelope with a method that's just as easy. Envelope seal stickers are self-adhesive and are designed to be applied right over the envelope flap. For added security, seal the envelope using the included glue strip, then apply your choice of round, 1-inch envelope stickers over the flap. There's no dry time and no mess.

Animal Designs

Envelope seals from Positive Impressions come in a variety of animal-themed designs. Choose pawprint designs, cat designs or dog designs in black and white or full-color prints. We even have clear mailing seals with pawprints to give your correspondence a special touch. All envelope seals have a glossy finish and won't smudge. Animal design envelope seals are sold in packs of four sheets, with each sheet containing 63 labels for a total of 252 labels per order.

Upgrade your envelopes, note cards, lab results and other correspondence with animal-themed envelope seals from Positive Impressions. The envelope seal goes on the back, so it won't change how to fill out an envelope. Take advantage of our large selection and easy online ordering to get the designs you love for less.

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