Delivering Value: How Branded Tote Bags Benefit Both Clients and Vet Offices

Delivering Value: How Branded Tote Bags Benefit Both Clients and Vet Offices

Oct 6th 2023

Use Branded Tote Bags To Enhance Your Customer Service

When you're running a veterinary clinic, you're bound to need bags for pet supplies, medications and welcome bags. Generic plastic and paper bags are practical, but when you invest in personalized bags from Positive Impressions, you open up a world of possibilities. These bags can help strengthen your clinic's brand and image. They can also send specific messages to your customers. Why not use your bags as not only practical totes, but marketing tools for your company?

Here are some ways you can use personalized bags to your advantage:

  • Create welcome packages or goodie bags. If you're looking to attract new clients or impress new clients, professional-looking bags are a great way to do it. Why not put together some puppy or kitten care packages with grooming supplies and other care items, and pass them out at a local fair to potential customers? You could also hand these out to new clients when they visit. These don't have to be expensive. Check out options like our 12-by-15-inch tote bags with special designs or personalized with your logo.
  • Use decorative or personalized bags for prescriptions. If you're sending clients home with prescriptions, why not use our prescription bags to personalize the experience? You can choose from our popular pinch-bottom prescription bags, made of paper and featuring animal-themed prints, or customize your bags to include your logo or another message. You can choose one-color or full-color bags to fit your needs and budget.
  • Use specialty bags for small gifts. Positive Impressions offers a range of specialty bags perfect for goodie bags or gifs. Choose an organza bag to house pet cremation jewelry or keychains. Opt for larger paper bags for multiple items, like pet grooming supplies. You might partner with a local business to provide incentives for a pet event like National Pet Adoption Month or Spay/Neuter Awareness Month.
  • Create sympathy packages with special bags. Our specialty bags also work well for sympathy cards and other memorial gifts. You might also choose a more versatile paper bag with a print or your logo. This lends elegance to your gifts and reminds customers where they came from.
  • Hand out care instructions and other paperwork in small decorative bags to free up your customers hands when leaving your practice. Send your customers home with any paperwork, like care instructions, in a decorative, easy to carry 9-by-12-inch tote bag. Much like a retail store, these bags advertise your business and keep your clinic top-of-mind when customers need care for their pets.
  • Splurge on woven tote bags for special occasions. Fabric tote bags imprinted with your logo offer a great way to advertise your business. You may want to hand these out to new clients filled with information on additional services or products you offer.  And, remind them that they will work great to carry lunches or other items. These can be pricier, but nice to have on hand for carrying larger items or to give out at fairs and other events.

We hope you see how personalized bags can add credence to your business and get your logo in front of more people. When customers leave your clinic with an attractive bag, they receive the message that you care about them and provide professional service from start to finish.

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