Great Marketing Ideas for Your Veterinary Clinic

Great Marketing Ideas for Your Veterinary Clinic

Posted by Postitive Impressions on Nov 23rd 2017

While most products can sell on impulse, veterinary services are sold as they’re needed. To be effective at marketing, you need to find ways to get pet owners to think about your practice when they need help with their pets, whether they’re looking for a new vet or are already established clients. Here are a few ways you can market your practice to better acquire and retain your clientele.

The World Wide Web Can Be Local

Does the scope of the advertisement you’re considering cover an area that includes people who are likely to be customers? Is there a way you focus on pet owners? If it doesn’t, you’re likely wasting your money. While opportunities for highly focused advertising in local media may be limited, there is a lot you can do to reign in customers through your website. Having pages that explain your services and highlight your staff don’t just show possible customers why they should choose your clinic, it also helps them find your clinic when they’re looking for something specific for their pet. Add your website to cards and other products that you hand out to customers, and they can get more in-depth information than you can fit on paper when they’re looking for new services.

Connect to the Community

Marketing doesn’t always have to be straight advertising: being active in the community can help put your clinic in a positive light, whether that means helping with adoption events, hosting photo competitions in local papers, magazines and websites, or just acting as a drop-off spot for donations to animal shelters.

Market Inside Your Clinic

First impressions start when clients enter your clinic. Doing what you can to make the waiting room comfortable for people and their pets can go a long way toward their overall attitude toward your practice. While they’re there, you can use that space to promote services and events with brochures and fliers. When they leave, make sure they have some way to contact you in their hands. This can go well beyond business cards, including items like bags, medicine and even colorful invoices.

Focus on Current Clients

It’s a lot easier and cheaper to retain your current clients than find new ones. While some turnover is normal, making a concerted effort to keep your current clientele helps build a relationship that can lead to better word-of-mouth advertising and increased spending per visit on side items like toys, food and other pet care products.

Even if the client had a great experience, it may be months before they need your services again. Appointment reminder cards, birthday cards, branded bags and calendars can help you keep your clinic’s contact information at hand when the client needs your services again.

Promote Other Services

Once you’ve established a relationship with a client, they’re likely to turn to you first for services outside of regular medical care like grooming and boarding. Make sure they know you offer these services by having them listed with your information, whether it’s on a reminder card, business card or promotional item.

Start Improving Your Marketing Strategy Today

Positive Impressions can help you market to your clients through our range of standard and customizable veterinary products including everything from reminder cards to sympathy kits. Using these items will help you keep in contact with your customers and show that you care about their pets.

Through the month of November, we’re running a special on occasion cards: buy three packs and we’ll send you one free! This includes cards for pet birthdays, sympathy, congratulations and welcoming new customers.

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