On-the-Go Feeding: Using Can Covers for Travel and Outdoor Adventures

On-the-Go Feeding: Using Can Covers for Travel and Outdoor Adventures

Nov 7th 2023

Everyone knows pet food can get messy, especially if you're buying canned food. The food is expensive, so if you're giving your dog or cat a partial can (and, many times, that's the case), you don't want to discard the rest. Plastic wrap or foil works sometimes, but there's a better, waste-free solution that also gives veterinarians a way to market their business and enhance client relationships.

You can purchase reusable covers for dog food cans in multiple colors and styles, and give them to your customers. These dog and cat food can lids can go into puppy packets and other welcome kits, be handed out at local fairs, or just be available for customers to take when they visit your clinic regularly.

We're talking about pet food can covers. These plastic, low-cost covers fit on standard cans that are three ounces or larger. They keep food from spilling and also from spoiling in the refrigerator. You can even use them to transport partial cans of pet food in coolers when you travel.

Personalized pet food can covers come in red, black, green, blue and orange. They measure 3 and 3/8 inches in diameter and are half an inch in depth. You can imprint your logo in black or white, depending on the look you want to create. Choose the colors that work best for your logo, and simply send us a file with the artwork.

What's great about these pet food can covers is that they're affordable and typically ship within 12 days from the date of approval. You can order them from our website and get them in less than two weeks.

Order a pack of 200 for just $145, or save on multiple packs. If you order two or three at a time, they're $135 each. If you order four or more packs, they're just $125.

Use these handy can covers at your clinic to keep any opened pet food fresh, but also give them out to clients whenever they visit. They include your logo, so everyone will know where they take their pets for top-notch care.

Positive Impressions is your go-to place for superior veterinarian products at affordable prices. In addition to pet food can covers, we offer a wide range of customizable products designed to help you create a professional image for your clinic and enhance customer relationships.

Check out our appointment reminder cards, a necessity for veterinarian clinics. You might also like our customizable bags, which come in a range of styles to fit your needs. Labels and stickers are another one of our specialties, and we offer many different types, including pre-printed medication labels and return address labels.

Feel free to check out our promotional products as well, including pens and customized bandanas. We also have a range of client giveaways to keep your customers happy and returning to your clinic.

We hope you'll take a look around our site and contact us with any questions you may have.

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