Pet-Inspired Accessories: Adding Flair to Your Keys with Pet Keychains

Pet-Inspired Accessories: Adding Flair to Your Keys with Pet Keychains

Oct 6th 2023

Pet Keychain Accessories as Personal Keepsakes

If there's one thing people see every day, it's their keychains. They carry keys for their homes, apartments, vehicles and more, so it's nice to add a little flair and personalization to them. Pet lovers especially enjoy showcasing their pets and remembering them in a special way with mementos they see daily.

For veterinarians, pet keychains offer a way to show customers appreciation and often help them remember their pets. Positive Impressions offers many choices for customizable pet cremation jewelry that holds pets' remains and keeps part of them close to their owners. One popular choice for this type of jewelry is the pet keychain.

Our cremation paw print key chain is another popular choice. Also in sterling silver and able to hold fur, remains or another small memory of a pet, it's shaped like a paw print and can be engraved. It also comes packaged in a velveteen jewelry box.

Our cremation jewelry heart key chain offers another way to remember a cherished pet. Sporting a sterling silver heart with a paw print designed to hold cremated remains or other memories, it's great for cat and dog owners. They can personalize this item by having it engraved by a local jeweler. Everything comes packaged in a velveteen jewelry box.

Our cremation jewelry pet bone key chain is a whimsical sterling silver keepsake shaped like a dog's bone. Open the box to insert cremated remains, fur or another fond memento. It all comes in a velveteen jewelry box, and it can be engraved by a local jeweler.

We also offer an elegant cremation jewelry disk key chain in sterling silver. The chamber to hold cremated remains or pet keepsakes is adorned with two paw prints. Like the other keychains, it comes packaged in a beautiful velveteen gift box.

For a simple reminder of a cherished pet that doesn't hold cremated remains, customers might like our memorial pet keychain. This pewter sentiment coin is two-sided and features a pawprint on one side and the phrase "miss you every day" on the other. Customers can simply attach it to any keyring. It also comes packaged with the loss poem "Pawprints Left by You," which reminds pet owners that their beloved pets will always be remembered.

Don't forget to check out our other keepsake jewelry, including popular items like our circle of life necklace and circle bracelet with heart. All of these offer great ways for customers to remember their pets and keep them close daily.

You might also like to keep our cremation jewelry flyers in your office to educate customers about what they're getting with these pieces and how they can help them keep their beloved pets close.

Feel free to contact us anytime you have questions about our products.

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