Stay Organized and Pawsitively Delighted: Unleashing the Power of Promotional Calendars and Charming Pet Calendars

Stay Organized and Pawsitively Delighted: Unleashing the Power of Promotional Calendars and Charming Pet Calendars

Mar 20th 2024

As a veterinarian, your business is based on who comes through your door. Ideally, your clients bring their pets in for routine visits and preventative procedures such as wellness check-ups, vaccinations or flea and tick protection. They also know they can count on you for emergency care - from an infected paw to more serious concerns.

To build your client base, you've already turned to digital marketing and traditional advertising. But let's not forget about promotional products - particularly pet calendars you can hand out to first-time clients and on an annual basis to your regulars.

As you think about branding tools, consider the benefits of promotional calendars

They're a Practical Product

Never create a promotional product that will end up sitting on a counter or inside a drawer. Rather, add your logo and contact information to an item a client can use on a daily basis - whether passively to check the date or actively for booking appointments.

In the case of pet calendars, these can be placed in the home or by a work desk and used for jotting down dates over a 12-month period. A magnetic calendar, meanwhile, easily secures to a refrigerator or filing cabinet as a reminder tool.

Year-Round Visibility

Promotional calendars deliver year-long advertising - (None of the PI calendars have space for notes, etc in the calendar) Add your practice's logo, address and contact information to make it easy for a current or potential client to connect with your practice. For magnetic calendars, a large, single-side design provides ample room for displaying this information.

With different formats to choose from, you can customize your design with branded calendars with key dates relevant to your practice as well as for annual promotions and events.

Geared Toward Your Customers

Your clients love their pets - that's why they turn to you for veterinary care. Beyond just dates and keeping track of appointments, pet calendars branded for your practice appeal to what they enjoy - be it a group of curious, cuddling kittens or the companionship of their faithful pup. Coupling this aspect with practicality ensures your promotional calendars will be used day after day.

Affordable Branding

Calendars are one of the more affordable promotional products out there - both in terms of upfront costs and long-term value. Through Positive Impressions, a pack of 100 magnetic, personalized calendars costs $150 - only$1.50 per calendar. Since these products are designed for 12 months of use, advertising costs per client come out to less than one cent per day!

Thinking about pet calendars as a promotional tool for your veterinary practice? Browse through a range of designs, each with room for your clinic's name and logo, physical address, email and phone number. Order a set for giveaways and remind your clients that you're always there to provide the care their pets need.

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