Building a Relationship: How a Puppy Package Enhances the Bond with Your Vet

Building a Relationship: How a Puppy Package Enhances the Bond with Your Vet

Nov 7th 2023

The old saying is true: you have to spend money to make money. For veterinarians, that means investing not only in good equipment and a nice office, but polished giveaways like puppy packages.

These welcome packages for new owners of puppies, or even for grown dogs, offer a good way to build solid relationships with customers and their pets. Sending them home with a bag filled with goodies customized with your logo, plus some helpful information on caring for their pets, establishes your clinic as an authority on pet care. It also gets your logo in front of them whenever they use the customized products you provide, and potentially gets your logo in front of potential customers. For example, walking the dog on a leash with your clinic's name sends the message that they value the quality of your clinic's care. When other pet owners see that, they're likely to ask about it and consider patronizing your business.

Here are some ways puppy packages can enhance your veterinary business:

  • You'll get more visits. Puppy packages can include a schedule of when to take your dog to the vet, so customers return regularly. This fills your clinic time and establishes you as a solid educational resource for customers.
  • You'll create a walking advertisement. By including products customized with your clinic's name - think notepads and more - you'll be advertising your business whenever your new customer uses the item. This is literally true if it's a leash with your logo!
  • You can help direct a pet's care. Items like vaccination schedules, health care information and advice on local pet resources establish you as an expert and ensure they know how to care for their pets at home.
  • You'll make your office staff's job easier. Appointment reminder cards help clients remember their appointments and take a little bit of pressure off your office staff, as they may not need to make as many reminder calls.

Your puppy packages can include:

Don't forget to buy some great bags to put everything in and, of course, customized them with your logo. Our flat bottom bags are a great choice for puppy packages, as are our tote bags. Check out our wide array of bag choices.

Positive Impressions offers a wide array of customizable products for your puppy welcome packages and everyday clinic needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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