Celebrating a Life Well-Lived: Joyful Dog Remembrance Gifts

Celebrating a Life Well-Lived: Joyful Dog Remembrance Gifts

Oct 6th 2023

Help Clients Memorialize Their Dogs With Dog Remembrance Gifts

When a dog dies, it can be like losing a family member for the owners. As a veterinarian, you probably already know that. But there are ways to both ease your clients' pain and build your client relationships when pet loss occurs.

Positive Impressions offers a wealth of memorial products for all animals, and we have many for dogs specifically. You can offer clients a beautiful pet keepsake as a way of expressing your sympathy and building great relationships with them, so they'll think of you when a friend wants a referral to a veterinarian or when they need veterinarian services for other pets.

Here are a few of our offerings to consider when giving dog remembrance gifts:

  • Pawprint impression supplies offer a popular way to keep a pet close. We offer a few options, each including pet-safe molding materials for creating paw impressions. One popular choice is our pet impression box, which comes with molding material and includes a natural-fiber handcrafted paper box and frame. The box is a handy holder for additional keepsakes, like leashes and favorite toys. Keep in mind that all of our impression kits are fully customizable with beautiful accessories like jewels, ribbons and stamps.
  • Cremation jewelry is another popular choice, as it enables pet lovers to keep their deceased pets' memories close. Choose from engravable keychains like our paw print key chain or pet bone keychain, or engravable necklaces like our circle of life necklace and tear drop necklace. Each piece is offered in sterling silver or 18-karat gold. Pet owners can hold their beloved pets' cremated remains in these and keep them in view daily.
  • Memorial urns from Positive Impressions are eco-friendly and affordable. Check out our natural oval urns or kraft heart shape urns, with name cards and biodegradable bags. These come with seeded paper ornaments designed for planting in honor and memory of cherished pets. We also offer pillow envelopes to hold a pet's fur or feathers. Each envelope has a window that displays the fur or feathers, and the boxes can be opened at any time, so pet owners can feel close to their deceased pets whenever they want.
  • Memorial seed packs offer a creative way to help clients remember their pets. Decorated with beautiful and colorful designs, these seed packs invite people to plant seeds in honor of their pets. The wildflowers that grow from these seeds will remind pet lovers of their cherished pets for years. These are a very affordable option, as they come with multiple packs for handing out to clients.
  • Sympathy inserts are small cards with inspirational words that help customers remember their pets. For instance, our rainbow bridge cards tell how lost pets go to a better place when they die. The cards measure 4 1/4-by-6 1/2 inches and can be kept in clients' wallets in remembrance of their beloved pets.

Positive Impressions is your go-to place for high-quality veterinarian products like these dog remembrance gifts. Please keep us in mind for all your clinic's needs, and feel free to contact us anytime with questions. We love to help!

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