Cool Touches for Veterinarian Clinics

Cool Touches for Veterinarian Clinics

Posted by Positive Impressions on Feb 1st 2018

Can going to the vet be fun? For most people, dealing with their pet’s health issues ranks up there with going to the DMV or getting a dental cleaning. However, it doesn’t have to be that way: adding some cool touches to your clinic can turn a chore into something that clients and pets can look forward to, or at least not dread.

Sell Specialty Products

Does your client need to buy special food for their pet? Now that they’re thinking about their furry friend, do they remember that they need to pick up some new toys or a bed? Offering these items isn’t just a good way to boost revenue, it’s convenient for your clients, and it gives you a chance to offer boutique items that they can’t get at their local pet store. Keep up with the latest trends on Instagram and Pinterest, and you can build a shopping experience that makes visits a treat for pets and their doting pet parents.

Use Pet Themed Bags for Your Pet Products

This may seem minor, but think about it: would you rather take something home in a generic plastic bag like you get in the grocery store, or a printed Kraft paper bag like you’d get from a boutique? This small touch makes everything from medicines to dog treats feel a little more special.

Offer Grooming Services

When you think of partnerships, you probably concentrate on expanding medical services, but that’s not the only way you can extend your clinic’s reach. Just like selling pet items, bringing groomers into your practice gives your clients one more reason to stop by. It helps their pet get accustomed to your office, so they’re more comfortable when they need medical care.

Make Waiting Easier

If you’ve been lucky enough to have a new building constructed for your clinic, you know how downright nerve-wracking it can be to plan all the details from the color of the walls to getting the right HVAC system to deal with pet odors. While you may feel like you’re stuck with your current office set-up, there are a lot of ways you can improve the environment to make waiting more pleasant for clients and their pets.

For people, there’s not much difference being in a vet waiting room than one at a doctor’s office. To make their wait more comfortable, you should offer similar amenities like refreshments, WiFi, and TV.

Having trouble keeping animals apart? You don’t have to have your waiting room rebuilt. Instead, add a shelving system for pet carriers to reduce eye contact between pets. Even if you don’t have space for all the animals you see, having enough space for cats can do a lot to make everyone more comfortable.

Don’t Forget the Kids

You may concentrate on your clients and their pets, but their kids should also be considered in the pet care process. A vet-themed children’s play area with toy animals and medical gear lets them play out their vet fantasies and make them more comfortable when their pet is being examined, and giving them a couple stickers can help them remember their visit.

Keep in Touch

When we think of staying in contact with our clients, we usually stick to reminder cards. Going beyond appointment notifications shows you care about your patients and can help build a bond between you and your clients. Mass mailings reminding owners about preventative care like heartworm treatments and tips for seasonal pet care keeps your clinic on your clients’ radar and can prepare them for questions during their visit, helping everyone involved, while holidays and pet birthdays are great times to send cards to clients.

Add Some Cool Touches to Your Clinic with Help from Positive Impressions

If you’re looking for stickers, bags or cards to help set your clinic apart, visit Positive Impressions. Since 2008, we’ve been helping veterinary clinics and hospitals with customizable veterinary products and supplies that help them stand out from the crowd and improve their image. Not sure where to start? Check out our specials page today!

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