Customizing Your Vet Survival Box: Tailoring Essentials to Your Practice

Customizing Your Vet Survival Box: Tailoring Essentials to Your Practice

Nov 30th 2023

Essentials You May Need in Your Custom Vet Survival Box

It goes without saying that being a vet is a demanding and often unpredictable occupation. To help make those difficult days easier on you and your clients, we recommend having a well-prepared vet survival box. A vet survival box is a toolkit you can rely on during challenging moments caring for animals. In this blog, go over the essentials and ways to tailor your vet survival box to you and your practice's needs.

Customize to Your Practice's Needs

When creating a vet survival box for your practice, it's important to ask, what are my practice's needs? To answer this question, you may consider the following:

  • Location: Where your practice is located can play a vital role in determining your vet survival box's essentials.
  • Caseload and Specialties: The specialties offered by your practice as well as the types - or even sizes - of animals you treat are crucial when creating your vet survival box.
  • Size of Practice: The size of your practice and number of employees can be a factor in deciding the quantity of supplies you need.
  • Common Emergencies: Although not all emergencies can be planned or foreseen, identify some of the most common emergencies in your practice and tailor your kit to these situations.

Stocking Your Vet Survival Box

After considering the various factors that can affect your practice's needs, you're ready to begin stocking your vet survival box. This may include:

Medical Essentials

Every vet survival box should include the medical essentials your practice needs to care for animals. This may consist of wound care supplies, medications, or diagnostic tools. At Positive Impressions, we carry veterinary prescription pads that can be customized and ordered in bulk as well as prescription labels, medication instruction stickers and other Labels & Stickers to keep your medical essentials organized.

Emergency Equipment

Depending on the typical or potential emergencies your clinic may face, add the specialized emergency equipment you'll need to your vet survival box. Emergency equipment can include:

  • Thermometers
  • Oxygen therapy equipment
  • Emergency airway kits
  • IV catheters
  • Wound care supplies
  • Syringes and needles

Personal Items

Caring for animals takes a toll on vets. Comfort items like granola bars, a change of clothes and even a first aid kit can make a significant difference in supporting a vet's physical and mental health while at work.

Stock Up On Office and Client Supplies

Maintaining a client relationship running while your practice efficiently can be just as important in helping to make a vet's difficult job more manageable. Add surplus office and client supplies to your vet survival box to ensure your business runs smoothly. This could include office products such as return address labels, customized notepads or veterinarian reminder cards. At Positive Impressions these supplies can be ordered in bulk to ensure your vet survival box never runs out.

Regularly Updating Your Vet Survival Box

Creating a vet survival box is more than just a one-time task. Your needs and the inventory demands can change as your practice continues to grow. Plan for periodic assessments of your survival box, either annually or more frequently.

Determining your practice's unique needs can prepare your clinic for almost any situation. With the goal of making your job easier and more effective, your vet survival box benefits not only you but the animals you care for.

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