​Discover How Veterinary Reminder Cards Can Help Grow Your Business

Posted by Positive Impressions on Dec 22nd 2016

In today's world, there is little doubt more and more people have a special bond with their pets. Whether it's a dog, cat, bird, ferret, or even a snake or a fish, pet parents everywhere always want the best for these special members of the family. However, due to the hectic pace of today's personal and professional lives, it's harder for pet owners to remember when it's time to bring their pets in for a checkup or schedule their next appointment. To help with this, veterinary reminder cards can be a useful tool in helping to grow your veterinary business. If you want to discover the powerful impact reminder cards can have on your practice, take a look at some of the following tips.

Build Repeat Business

On average, a veterinary practice should have almost 3,200 transactions per year. Yet to accomplish this goal, a doctor will need to have repeat business on a regular basis. To ensure your practice will keep customers coming through the front door time and time again, reminder cards can be a gentle yet effective way to remind customers of impending appointments, tests that need to be done, or other activities for which they might need a reminder. For best results, use your veterinary software to generate a report of those customers who have not paid you a visit in several months. Rather than seeing those people only when they need immediate medical attention, use reminder cards to let them know it's time to update their pet's vaccinations, schedule a wellness exam, or discuss a new nutritional program for their pet.

Follow-Up Appointments

Another great way to make reminder cards effective is to use them as a way to let pet parents know they have follow-up appointments scheduled in the days and weeks ahead. Since most visits to the vet include laboratory work, it's imperative customers bring their pets back for a follow-up appointment so they can discuss the results of the tests. Whether a customer has a pet with diabetes, a thyroid condition, or other health issue, reminder cards can ensure they get the best possible care.

Publicize Promotions 

With any business, having special promotional offers can be a great way to get more customers coming through the front door. If you've got a special going on to introduce a new kind of food or offer a discount on dental services or other wellness programs, send out a reminder card to not only your customers who bring in their pets on a regular basis, but also those who have not been by in recent months. By letting customers know they will be able to save a few dollars if they come in by a certain time, you'll be able to use reminder cards to reconnect with more and more customers.

Care To Share Reminder Cards

A great way to turn your customers into a nonstop marketing department, care to share reminder cards have proven to be extremely effective. Sent to current clients, they not only remind them of their next appointment, but also have information on the cards about your practice and encourage them to share the cards with others who may be in need of veterinary services. Then when the new client pays you a visit, they get a gift such as a complimentary grooming or pet ID tag, while your current client who referred them gets a credit on their account, making it a win-win situation for everyone. A growing trend with reminder cards, they have been shown to be effective up to 85 percent of the time, virtually guaranteeing growth for your business.

By using these creative ways to make reminder cards work for you, there's no doubt your veterinary practice will continue to grow into the business you always envisioned. Whether you're cultivating relationships with long-time customers or using promotional offerings to entice new customers to your door, it won't take long to discover just how powerful veterinary reminder cards can be in building a successful veterinary business that your two and four-legged customers can enjoy for many years to come.

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