Effective Ways Veterinarians Can Reach and Remind Pet Owners

Posted by Positive Impressions on Mar 15th 2018

vet-asking-for-client.jpegHow can you reach pet owners effectively? How can you remind your clients about health care visits in a way that brings them into your clinic? From the end of a clinic visit to their next stop in your office, you need to make sure you’re getting their attention. Finding the right time to schedule appointments, reminding them about upcoming visits and announcing pet-related events can keep customers coming to your clinic. 

Schedule During the Visit

There isn’t much research data on pet visits, but when it comes to humans, patients are 20% more likely to return for a visit if they schedule while they’re still in the office. The logic is simple: If you’re in a veterinary office, you’re mainly thinking about the health of your animal, but if you need to call the clinic, you’re mainly thinking of the hassle involved in a visit. If they walk out with an appointment card, you have their next visit covered.

Send a Reminder Card

Getting an appointment in place only works if your client remembers to bring their pet in. With months between follow-up visits, it’s easy for even the most organized of us to forget an about an appointment.

Even if your client knows a visit is coming up, a reminder card gives them time to think about any issues they need to bring up. It also encourages them to contact your office and prepare your staff for any issues.

Make Your Message Pop

If a client glances at your reminder cards, do you know immediately that it’s from a veterinary office? Is your contact information clear and easy to find? A good design brings attention, shows the client it’s from someone they know, and makes it easy to act on. Spending a little time to make sure your appointment and reminder cards get the message across quickly encourages your clients to follow up on their visits.

Promote on Human and Pet Holidays

Sending a post card on pet birthdays and major holidays adds a more personal connection, but they’re not the only events you can use to promote your clinic. Pet awareness events remind your current clientele about health issues and can draw in new customers. There are plenty of opportunities to leverage cross promotion, hosting events and specials that tie into organizers’ efforts for greater coverage. Where can you start? Here are just a few of the pet events that happen each year:

National Train Your Dog Month
Walk Your Pet Month
2nd — National Pet Travel Safety Day

Pet Dental Month
23rd — National Dog Biscuit Day

23rd — National Puppy Day

National Heartworm Awareness Month
11th — National Pet Day
27th — Hairball Awareness Day
30th — National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day
Third full week of the month — National Pet ID Week
Last Saturday — World Veterinary Day

First full week of the month — National Pet Week
12th — National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

American Humane Society’s Adopt-a-Cat Month
First full week of the month — Pet Appreciation Week
4th — Hug Your Cat Day
22nd — Take Your Dog to Work Day

15th — Pet Fire Safety Day
31st — National Mutt Day

First Full Week of the Month — International Assistance Dog Week
15th — National Check the Chip Day
22nd — National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day
26th — National Dog Day

CATalyst Council’s Happy Cat Month
Animal Pain Awareness Month
National Service Dog Month
Responsible Dog Ownership Month
Last full week of the Month — National Deaf Dog Awareness Week
28th — World Rabies Day

ASPCA’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
American Humane Society’s Adopt-a-Dog Month
National Animal Safety and Protection Month
4th — World Animal Day
7-13th — National Walk Your Dog Week
21st — Reptile Awareness Day
29th — National Cat Day

ASPCA’s Adopt a Senior Pet Month
National Pet Cancer Awareness Month
National Pet Diabetes Month
First full week of the month — USDA’s Bird Health Awareness Week

2nd — National Mutt Day
13th — National Day of the Horse

Get the Products You Need to Promote Your Clinic

For the past 10 years, Positive Impressions has helped veterinary clinics and animal hospitals connect with and build relationships with their clientele. We offer a wide range of reminder cards, post cards and other materials that put your information into the hands of pet owners. Along with standard cards, we offer custom printing services to add to our designs or create something unique for your clinic. Looking for a place to start? Make sure to check out our specials page on our website

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