Fresh Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Veterinary Business

Fresh Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Veterinary Business

Posted by Positive Impressions on Apr 30th 2021

Do you feel like your clinic marketing is getting stale, or isn’t as effective as it used to be? Maybe it’s time to look over your strategy, addressing weak points while bringing components together to build a cohesive campaign. Here are some ways you can improve your marketing to draw in new customers and keep established clients.

Why Should Clients go to Your Clinic?

Most areas have several veterinary clinics within easy driving distance, giving clients a choice of where they want to take their pets. How does your clinic stand out among these choices? Do you offer additional services? Do you take care of exotic pets? Are you value-focused? If you can pick out details that help your clinic stand out, you can use them as the core of your marketing. This helps you focus on the people who are most in need of your services.

Is Your Website Useful?

It’s easy to forget about your website once it’s set up, but technology and client demands are constantly changing. How well does it work on the latest mobile and desktop browsers? Can you make accessing your services easier with online scheduling or prescription refills?

Websites can be an effective tool for expanding the reach of other types of marketing. For example, let’s say you’re launching a campaign to bring in dogs for heartworm treatment. You can mail out reminder cards with basic information. These cards can direct the clients to blogs or recommended information on your website if they want to learn more before scheduling an appointment.

Are Your Images Authentic?

When it comes to local businesses, “real” is better than “professional.” Using photos of your staff, patients and clients will give your marketing a personal feel that you won’t get with stock photos. Consider having photos made of your staff to use in media, and find ways to get your clients and pets involved. This can be anything from encouraging owners to show off their pets to making features on events and adoptions your clinic works on.

Are You Paying Attention to Social Media?

These days, clients often look at sites like Facebook and Instagram when searching for a vet alongside searching with Google. If you aren’t creating and managing your presence on these sites, you could be losing out on business. Your efforts don’t even need to be direct. Encouraging clients to review your clinic can help boost search results and online ratings. This positivity encourages new clients to contact your practice.

Are You Paying Attention to Your Current Clients?

Unless you just opened your practice, most of your business comes from your established client base. However, when there are months between visits, it’s easy for clients to put off health care. Mailers, like reminder cardsbirthday cards, as well as more permanent items including magnetic business cards and calendars are a great way to keep your clinic on the minds of customers in between these gaps. Unlike online campaigns, these go directly to people who need your services, but aren’t actively searching for them. These products also put your contact information front and center, so you’re the first place clients will call when they need help with their pets.

We Can Help You Reach Out to Your Clients

Positive Impressions, LLC has over a decade of experience making promotional products that help you stay connected with your clientele. From appointment reminder cards to custom goodie bags, leashes and even coloring books for kids, we have products you can customize to fit the image of your clinic. If you’re looking for new ways to market your practice,
visit our our website, to see everything we offer, or check our our Facebook page to see our latest specials.

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