Getting Clients in the Habit of Regular Checkups

Getting Clients in the Habit of Regular Checkups

Posted by Positive Impressions on Jun 7th 2018

Why should your clients visit you when their pet seems healthy? We’re all familiar with “silent killers” like heart disease and diabetes that can cause major health problems if undetected, but most people fail to recognize that their pets can have similar problems. These strategies can help you get your clients visiting on a regular schedule so their pets can stay healthy and you can increase your business. 

Spend a Little Now or Spend a Lot Later

By encouraging regular appointments, health issues can be taken care of sooner making it easier on the pet and the client’s wallet. When putting together a welcome packet or mailing a reminder card, be sure to include information on issues that can be handled with regular checkups. Here are some examples:

– Dental issues can be handled before the animal feels pain, loses teeth or has kidney failure related to dental infections.
– Adjusting the animal’s diet early on can prevent or delay the onset of diseases including diabetes, bloating and kidney stones, and halt obesity in its tracks before it becomes a problem.
– Cancer is common in dogs and cats over 10 years old, but like human cancer, it’s easier to treat when it first appears.

Remind Owners About Preventive Medicines and Vaccinations

Heartworm, Lyme disease, rabies and feline leukemia are all diseases that can be handled with preventive medicine. Some of these diseases are seasonal, so you can make awareness drives to focus on getting your patients in for treatment. Others need to be tracked with the patient so you can remind the owner to visit when their pet is due for a booster shot or a new prescription. Either way, it gives your clients one more reason to have their animal looked at.

Remind Them They’re Taking Care of Someone They Love

It’s easy to be negative when promoting your services, focusing on bad outcomes from lack of care. This can have the opposite effect that you want, making owners more nervous about bringing their pet into a visit. Instead, try to emphasize the positives: regular pet visits make life better and longer for a member of their family, and treatment makes their pets happier because they feel better.

Emphasize the Importance of the Next Appointment

Why should a client rush to get back into the clinic if their animal is fine? Visits should end with a talk about what needs to be done to keep a pet’s health in check, so your client feels like there’s a reason to schedule a follow-up appointment. Keep them in the loop about suspected problems, issues that may come up with age and outside health issues like communicable diseases.

Treat Your Clients and Their Pets

Making your clinic pleasant is important for any visit, but it’s crucial for encouraging visits when your client’s pets aren’t obviously sick. Small discounts for repeat business, and lower prices for checkups can make these visits seem like a better value to clients, while a comfortable environment and a few treats go a long way toward winning over pets. Together, this makes visits easy to handle, giving clients one less excuse to skip check-ups.

Schedule as Soon as Possible

The best time to set up the next check-up before the client leaves the office. After all, you already have your client’s full attention, you already have their latest contact information, and they’ve got their mind on their pet.

Give them a Physical Reminder

How long has it been since the client visited? Six months? A year? That’s a lot of time to forget an appointment or go from being ready for the next visit to wanting to blow it off. Sending an appointment card ahead of time gives the client a physical reminder that’s harder to ignore than an email or a call.

Let Us Help You Keep Your Client’s Pets Stay on Their Health Care Schedule

Positive Impressions LLC has reminder cards, thank you cards, goody bags and many other products that can encourage your clients to follow up on their pets’ health. Want to include your clinic information or use a unique photo? We can custom print paper products to help them stand out. Make sure to check out our website to see our current specials.

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