Getting the Most from Your Business Cards

Getting the Most from Your Business Cards

Posted by Positive Impressions on Jul 12th 2022

Most of us get business contact information from the Internet today, but business cards are still important for networking with clients. These cards give clients what they need to know to contact you without pulling out their phones. It doesn’t just save time in an emergency, it encourages these clients to contact you first about pet health issues. Here’s how you can create a card design that helps your clinic stand out, while encouraging the holder to make your clinic their first contact when they need help with their pet.

How Can You Use Business Cards to Drive Business?

When you meet someone in person, a business card gives that person the information they need to contact you in a more permanent, visible form than a simple exchange of websites or email addresses. This is a great way to add contact info to veterinary paperwork, goodie bags for donation drives, and anywhere else you’re likely to meet new clients.

If your clients have your business card on hand, they’ll go straight for it instead of looking up your clinic on the Internet. That means they won’t be looking at a list of competitors, and won’t get confused if they see another clinic at the top of their search results.

Business cards can double as appointment cards. These cards are double-sided, with space on one side to write appointment information, while the other side has your business details. That way, if your clients have questions or need to reschedule, they know how to contact you.

Business Cards Don’t Have to Be Paper

When most people get a magnetic business card, it goes on the fridge door and stays there long after a paper card would be thrown out. This form of advertising works as well for veterinary offices as it does take out food businesses. Clients can see how to contact you at a glance when they’re thinking about their pet’s health.

Sticker cards are useful for adding your business information to sheets of paper, including information booklets and care instructions. That way, your clients have all the information they need to contact you.

What Makes a Great Business Card?

Keep the design simple. If you add graphics, make sure it’s something that immediately identifies your business. This can be your business logo, or something referencing animals or health care.

The standard business card design lists these items in order:

  • Clinic
  • Practicing physicians
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Website URL

Remember that a standard card measures 3.5 x 2 inches. That means you need to keep details low and text large for legibility. Emphasize the most important information, using the boldest, largest text for the clinic name, then working your way down in size as you go through contact information.

Your Source for Business Cards and More

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