How to Grow Your Veterinary Practice

How to Grow Your Veterinary Practice

Posted by Positive Impressions on Oct 12th 2016

Growing a veterinary practice can be hard, but it is certainly not impossible. People love their pets, after all, and would go to great lengths to ensure their health and safety. If you want to grow your practice, you just need to concentrate your marketing efforts in the right areas. Check out some tips for doing so right here:

1. Upgrade Your Reminder System

People are extremely forgetful, even when it comes to their beloved animal friends. In fact, 39% of Americans have forgotten at least one basic piece of information or lost one everyday item in the past week alone. It should be up to them to bring their pets in for checkups and vaccines, but they might not remember -- so you should. Update your antiquated reminder system to something new and shiny. It should be great at sending out automatic appointment reminders (you can even line them up with special veterinary themed reminder and recall postcards) and should also be perfectly reflective of your client base, so you can make accurate projections and improvements.

2. Do Outreach

If you are a new business or are making some big changes, why not use the opportunity to have an open house where your customers and their pets can get special promotions, personalized doggie treats, and more information about your practice? Another great way to do outreach is to have personalized veterinary sympathy cards or cards to welcome new clients made. Your human and animal clients certainly won't forget the personal touches on your veterinary holiday cards or veterinary reminder postcards.

3. Use the Web

More specifically, utilize social media. Since tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are free, they are essentially free advertising for you. Post with regularity and consistency, and don't be afraid to use a narrative framework for your posts. After all, you have a massive leg up -- your patients are already the members of an elite class of social media celebrities. Take pictures of your patients and write cute testimonials from their perspective, and ask your human customers to like, follow, and share your posts.

People love animals, and therefore they'll love anybody who helps animals. From veterinary reminder postcards to pet holiday cards, you'll stand out from the competitors using these strategies.

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