​How to Show Appreciation and Maintain Relationships with Your Clients

Posted by Positive Impressions on Dec 29th 2016

Operating a veterinary business is a challenge. If you are in this industry, then you know that your customers don't have to give you their business. They can usually take their pets elsewhere for veterinary services, even if they have to drive a little bit farther to find a doctor who appreciates them. Today, take a look at a few creative ways that you can use veterinary thank you cards and greeting cards to connect with your clients and make them feel special.

  1. Welcome new clients to the practice with welcome cards. Once people take the time to call your office and make an appointment, you want to keep earning their business. You will get to make that first impression, of course, when they come in, but they will bring their pet, which can be stressful. Beforehand, why not mail them a welcome card and attach any paperwork they need to fill out? This helps them to avoid having to wait when they attend the first appointment with their pet.
  2. Remember the birthdays of clients and their pets. The pet owner and her pet have a special connection, and you can make each pair feel more appreciated by using your customer database to track their birthdays. Send a greeting card at least one week in advance so that they will get their birthday wishes in time. You can also include a coupon for a discount on products or services that they can use at their next visit.
  3. Thank them for coming to a visit, especially if they are going to pay fees for evening or weekend appointments. Veterinary services are not cheap, even when pet owners have pet insurance, and they want to feel that their expenditures in your practice are appreciated.
  4. Send greetings for holidays and just because. Veterinary offices can also choose to communicate with their clients at any time of the year, but especially to wish them happy holidays. You can stick to the civic holidays such as the Fourth of July and Labor Day and/or wish them greetings for religious holidays, such as Easter and Christmas. Around the U.S., though, New Years' Day, Valentine's Day, and Thanksgiving are great bets, especially for those clients who may have different beliefs.
  5. Help clients keep their appointments months from now by sending them cute reminder cards. Some appointments for shots and wellness visits for pets will be scheduled months in advance. Nine months from now, a busy client may not remember that her little poodle has to come in for another shot or a booster. Or it could be a six-month follow-up for a pet who had a serious illness or a surgery. 

You have to put in a little work to maintain relationships with clients. This process is challenging and is carefully built on each physician or group's regular communication practices. Greeting cards and postage are an inexpensive way to connect with clients on a personal level. Your clients get your communications at their home or at their post office box, often at the end of a long day. These are adorable, especially if they're decorated with cute pet photos and warm wishes. They cheer patients up when they have had a bad day and really need a boost. 

When your valued clients are not visiting your veterinary office on a regular basis, you will want them to remember you when their pet has a true emergency or gets sick. You won't want them to choose a competitor because they don't feel a close relationship with your practice. Finally, you want clients to recommend your practice and your dedicated team of veterinary personnel to everyone they know. Get them to come to you for all of their medicines, flea treatments, and pet products. You will be glad that you went the extra mile with  affordable greeting cards.

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