In Words and Actions: Effectively Providing Grief Support to Your Clients

In Words and Actions: Effectively Providing Grief Support to Your Clients

Posted by Positive Impressions on May 25th 2017

A person naturally feels grief and sorrow when a beloved pet passes away. As a veterinarian, your clients may want to open up to you about what they feel because of your familiarity with their deceased pet.

The first thing you can do to help clients is acknowledge their grief. Avoid saying things like “at least they are no long suffering” or “everything happens for a reason” and suggesting that they get another pet.

Rather, just let them tell their story and lend them your support.

Less is More

When grieving clients come over to talk to you about their deceased pet, remember that less is more — on your part, at least. Allow them to recount fond memories with appropriate periods of silence in between. This enables them to come to terms with their feelings on their own instead of you or some other person forcing them to “get over it.”

If they want you to share stories about your encounter with their deceased pet, however, make sure to use its name to let your client know that you do care about what they are going through.

Mean What You Say

Instead of telling clients that it’s okay and that other pet owners have gone through the same thing, just be there for them even if you don’t know exactly how to make them feel better. Even if you have also experienced the loss of a pet before, avoid comparing experiences because each pet owner has a different relationship with their pet.

This does not mean, however, that you cannot suggest ways to deal with grief. For example, you may suggest lighting a candle, writing a note, making a photo album, or planting a flower garden to celebrate the life of deceased pets.

Your veterinarian clinic may also commemorate the life of your client’s deceased pets by sending sympathy cards. We can provide custom promotional products for veterinarians to help console grieving clients.

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