Keeping Your Patients (and Human Clients) Happy

Posted by Positive Impressions on Feb 14th 2017

Being a standout veterinary practice will result in more patients. Clients will not just come back to you, they will be happy to recommend you. Making each client, both pet and human, feel special in your practice is the best, most reliable way to grow your business.

Here are some easy ways you can make clients and patients thankful they have met you:

Treats…for Both!

Skip the stale biscuits. A portion of canned cat food will make felines purr with joy. For dogs, do not settle for store-bought treats. Instead, give them a teaspoon or a syringe of peanut butter. This is positive reinforcement that is a cut above the rest.

This trick does not stop with the pets. Clients will also enjoy some coffee and biscuits in the waiting room. Small gestures like these will set the right tone for their visit.

Take Care of the Air

With proper ventilation, the right cleaning products and a bit of extra effort, you can surprise clients with a practice that does not smell like a vet clinic. This is particularly important for veterinarians who work regularly with felines and canines. Aside from their human counterparts’ general aversion to unpleasant smells, these animals have very sensitive noses, and strong smells can turn them into grumpy patients.

Show Some Personality

White walls and cold steel are out. Do not be scared to integrate pops of color in your practice. Instead of just edible treats, use colorful and fun dog and cat toys throughout the space for positive reinforcement. A pop of color here and there will also help put your human client’s mind at ease.

Give Tokens

Your patients and clients support your practice. They are important to you, so you should not be shy about showing your appreciation. Small tokens are a great way of saying “Thank You for Your Patronage”. Positive Impressions LLC creates occasion cards that pet owners will definitely find adorable . You can personalize these cards to include your practice’s contact details. It will be more than a token; it will also serve as free advertising for you!

Growing a veterinary practice is challenging, but with genuine care for patients, it is a job that is easy to love. The items on this list are not mandatory; but we’re sure that both the animals and the humans that come into your practice will appreciate them. 

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