Leveraging Your Website to Drive Business

Leveraging Your Website to Drive Business

Oct 11th 2018

How can a website help a local business, and how does it fit into your overall marketing strategy? A decade ago, simply being on the Internet could drive business to your clinic. Today, you need to make sure customers can connect to your online presence and deliver the information they want to make the most of your overall marketing.

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

Start by nailing down exactly what areas you want to improve so you can focus your efforts where you need them. These are some typical goals:

— Answer common questions so clients will be better prepared at clinic visits.
— Focus on a specific type of patient, whether you want to attract clients with exotic animals or are just looking to bring in new patients to get a better balance between cats and dogs.
— Promote unique services including surgery, dentistry, grooming and boarding.

What Should My Website Cover?

The sooner you get the information your clients want to them, the better. Your home page needs basic information, including a short blurb on what you do, your hours and your clinic’s contact information. It’s also a good idea to have links to certifications and social media pages so potential customers can get a quick overview of your clinic. Having an event or promotion? It should be front and center on the page.

As for the rest of your content, most sites divide this into these sections:

About Us — General information on the clinic including what you do and why the clinic was founded.
Our team — Information on the members of your staff.
Services — What your clinic does including medical, grooming, and boarding services.
Resources — Websites you can recommend for more information on animal health.

Make it Personal

Unless you’re in a rural area, pet owners have several choices for medical care. To stand out, the product you’re selling shouldn’t be your care, it should be your clinic. Don’t be afraid to brag about your staff. Have they won awards? Do they have unique certifications or years of experience? Let your customers know. Try to avoid stock photos where you can, and use photos of your clinic, your staff and your patients in their place.

Getting Potential and Current Clients to the Websites

Reaching customers requires a two-pronged approach, making sure they see your clinic both online and offline.

A key part of building a website is Search Engine Optimization or “SEO.” You want your website to be near the top when people search for vet services, and SEO can help you get there. How search engines rank results is a secret, so it’s best to work with experts who have studied and tested methods for boosting page ranks. However, you can be sure that a local business needs local terms. Mentioning the town and area you’re located in as well as area events you’re involved in will get your website listed higher in search results for people looking for a nearby clinic.
Promotional goods let you get around web searches to reach customers directly, whether or not they’re online savvy. If they have your contact information on hand, they can find you without having to take time to search for local businesses, putting you a step ahead of other clinics. Promotional items can be used as a starting point for clients to learn more about your services. If you send a personalized card announcing a promotion or warning about a seasonal pet issue, they can learn more by reading up on it at your website or contacting your clinic directly. A website isn’t a replacement for promotional goods, but it can be used to compliment them. By using them together as part of a focused strategy, you can get more out of your marketing dollars.

Get the Products You Need to Promote Your Clinic

Positive Impressions LLC has helped Veterinary clinics and hospitals connect with their clients for over a decade. We have a wide range of products including reminder cards, supply bags, labels, stickers and calendars that can help your practice stand out. We also offer custom printing on many of our products, letting you add your clinic information to our standard offerings or go all out with custom cards and calendars. Stop by our website to see our popular products and latest specials.

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