Making a Goodie Bag

Posted by Positive Impressions on Sep 26th 2019

Handing out goodie bags is fun, and when done right, can go a long way to promoting your clinic. These tips will help you make the most out of your bags, encouraging better pet care and improving your relationship with your clients.

Why Should I Offer My Clients Goodie Bags?

There are three reasons you should offer goodie bags to your clients when they visit:

Indirect Marketing - Product samples can steer clients toward items you sell, while custom items help keep your clinic information on hand.

Improved compliance - Including fliers and pet care items can encourage clients to follow care directions.

Goodwill - A goodie bag is a simple, low-cost way to make your office experience feel premium.

Done right, a goodie bag is a great way to improve client relations and pet care. By choosing fun, useful items, you can encourage better health care practices, and make sure they have reminders of your clinic. This starts with the right bag.

Picking a Bag

There’s a reason unboxing videos are popular on the Internet: part of the excitement of getting something new is simply getting it out of the packaging. While you aren’t going to give your clients fancy makeup or a new phone, upgrading your packaging is a great way to improve the goodie bag experience. Going for a quality pet-themed bag makes the contents feel more like a gift, and it makes pet items easy to identify. Quality bags are also more likely to be reused, serving as a reminder of the visit. There are plenty of options available, including plastic bags with pet photos and designs as well as Kraft paper bags with pet designs and custom-printed clinic information.

Customizing Goodie Bags 

If you want to know how to build a memorable goodie bag, just look at the dental industry. When you visit the dentist, you probably leave with a bag filled with toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss. While those items are useful, they aren’t that exciting. More and more, practices are trying to spice things up with toothbrush cases, insulated water bottles, and other unexpected items that aren’t directly related to clean teeth.

As for your practice, there are several strategies you can take when setting up bags. While you may choose to have bags pre-filled with client packets for new patients, you may find it easier to customize bags for regular visitors.

Only include products that will help with the owner’s pet. For example, offers for heartworm medication are useful for dogs, while you wouldn’t want to put a cat on a regular leash.

Does the patient have a chronic health problem? Try to include something that will help out. You can also have a selection of items on hand, letting the owner pick a couple that they think will help their pet.

Does the pet live with adults or a family? If kids are involved in the animals’ care, consider adding some kid-friendly products like stickers.

A simplified handout or pamphlet with care tips can help clients comply with care instructions. Subjects can include everything from keeping pets cool in the summer to following through with surgery prep. Having an event? Include a flier with information.

It never hurts to include a few items that will promote your practice. Business cards, refrigerator magnets, calendars and pens are all great ways to keep your clinic’s address and phone number on hand when your clients need to ask questions or schedule an appointment.

Need Help Putting Together a Goodie Bag?

Positive Impressions, LLC does more than reminder cards and prescription labels. We offer a range of pet-themed bags and items to put in them including leashes, stickers, refrigerator magnets, pens and calendars. Most of our items can be custom printed with your clinic information, so you’ll be the first call when clients need help with their pets. Get started today by checking out our latest specials on our website. 

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