Maximizing the Power of Promotion for Veterinarian Clinics

Maximizing the Power of Promotion for Veterinarian Clinics

Posted by Positive Impressions on Feb 15th 2018

How do you get the best results from your advertising dollars? When you’re running a vet clinic, it’s often not about how many people see your message, it’s about making sure it’s seen by pet owners, gives them a favorable impression, and helps reinforce your reputation with current clients as well as potential customers. These tips will help you focus your promotions to make the biggest impact.

Quality Over Quantity

Your products represent your clinic, so it pays to make a good impression. Whenever you choose a promotional item, ask yourself “Is it something the receiver will appreciate?” Even something as simple as putting prescriptions and other pet items in a nice tote bag can help give clients a better overall impression of your business, making them more likely to return. From free samples to business cards, your goal should be to make a highly positive impact instead of trying to connect with as many people as possible.

Start Focused

If you have a new clinic, you’re probably limited on resources, so you should put your marketing efforts where they really count. For veterinary offices, that means focusing on pet-related events like adoption drives, dog runs, and fundraisers that both help animals and let people bring their pets. This guarantees virtually everyone you’re connecting with needs your services, whether they’re current clients or in the process of finding a new vet.

Spread Out if it Makes Sense

A little over half of U.S. households have a pet, so no matter where you advertise, you’re likely to connect with pet owners. Not everyone who has a dog or cat is going to go to a park day, which makes less focused campaigns useful for reaching these owners.

More exotic pets are a different matter: there are 10 dog owners for every bird owner, and 20 dog owners for every horse owner. If your care focuses on anything other than dogs and cats, you won’t see the same results.

Never Underestimate Word of Mouth

The best advertising is the recommendations of your clients since it’s free and more likely to be trusted by those looking for vet services. You can help word spread by actively encouraging your clients to leave online reviews, and you might also consider a referral program to give discounts to clients who bring in new customers. Having promotional items custom printed helps ensure that your clients will have your contact information at hand when they want to brag about you.

Keep Your Current Clients in the Loop

If you’re established, most of your business is going to come from your current clientele. Remind them about appointments, send cards for holidays and pet birthdays, and do what you can to make the death of a pet easier with memorial products and sympathy cards. Your upfront spending will be low, but it can help you maintain relationships that are profitable for your clinic and ensure reliable health care for your patients.

Help Build Your Clinic’s Presence with Help from Positive Impressions

Since 2008, we’ve helped veterinary clinics connect with current and potential clients through quality promotional items. We offer a wide range of products including cards, bags, memorial products and calendars, and we can custom print most of our paper products to help you stand out to your clients. We’re constantly adding new items to help your clinic, like our latest seasonal reminder cards. To stay on top of our latest special offerings and clearance items, don’t forget to stop by our Specials page.

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