Pet Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Pet Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Posted by Positive Impressions on Jan 8th 2021

2020 has been a crazy year. Dealing with the pandemic has radically changed the way most people live their lives, and this is being reflected in the pet industry. Even as vaccines reach the general public and life returns to normal over the next year, there will still be major repercussions. According to the American Pet Products Association and ResearchAndMarket’s U.S. Pet Market Outlook, these will be the top trends in pet ownership and care in 2021.

Pets are More Popular than Ever, Thanks to Covid-19

For some people, getting a pet helps them cope with being stuck at home and unable to socialize. For others, the shift to working at home means they finally have time to take care of a pet. Either way, pet adoptions have been booming since March of last year. What was initially an effort to give pets homes if shelters had to close has turned into a long-lasting increase. Even breeders are seeing an increase in business, with people reserving pets well into 2021. This means plenty of new clients in the coming year who need help learning how to take care of their furry friends.

Natural Food and Toys

The trend toward natural pet food should continue this year. What was once a niche market is expanding to include large scale manufacturers. Transparency is also being emphasized, as buyers want to know how and where the food is being produced.

Likewise, the natural pet toy market is expanding, as customers seek out items that are good for their pets and the planet. In particular, natural fibers are expected to be popular as owners seek to reduce plastic consumption.

Lower Cost Pet Products

The current situation has brought economic uncertainty to Americans, leading them to look for ways to save money. As a result, private label brands have seen major increases in sales. Between this trend and an increased focus on natural food, the only losers in the market are mid-tier name brands.

Pet-Safe Cleaning

As people spend more time at home, they’re going to greater lengths to keep their homes clean. This goes hand-in-hand with the increase in pet ownership, increasing the market for pet-safe cleaning product sales. Buyers are looking for tools as well as cleaning products that make pet cleanup easier. This includes everything from automatically cleaning litter boxes to giant lint rollers that pick up hair from floors and carpeting.

Increased Online Sales

While buyers are primarily motivated by a need for decreased contact during the pandemic, they’re also seeing the convenience of home delivery. This is driving online sales of pet food, care products and prescriptions. For local veterinarians, partnering with delivery services can be crucial for maintaining pharmacy and retail sales. Being local gives you an edge over major retailers, because you can deliver products in hours instead of days.

Telemedicine and Teletraining

Like online shopping, online health care and training is growing due to virus fears, while those who opt in like the convenience. Using video chat means owners don’t have to mess with trying to get their pet into a carrier and over to your clinic.

A Personal Touch Still Counts

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