Planning a Seasonal Event

Planning a Seasonal Event

Posted by Positive Impressions on Sep 12th 2018

Having an event to promote your clinic and the health of your patients doesn’t have to be handled in one day. A seasonal event lasts longer and is less intense, making it easier on your staff and giving your clients more opportunity to get involved. Here’s how you can leverage local health issues and organization-backed events to bring awareness to your clinic.

Seasons are More than Weather

It’s important keeping pets safe from hot weather in the summer or cold temperatures and snow in the winter, but “seasonal” doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to the weather. Here are just a few reasons to hold a seasonal event:

— Seasonal health issues like heartworm or Seasonal Canine Illness (SCI)
— Organizations raising awareness for diseases, like the Red Cross Pet First Awareness Month or National Immunization Awareness Month
— Drives for adoption, like the American Humane Society’s Adopt-a-Cat Month

One day events don’t fit everyone’s schedule, but if you have an event that lasts a week or a month, you can draw in more people. To be successful, you need to plan something that brings attention to your clinic while adding something to the visits that were already planned. 

Leverage Social Media

Social media is important, but it isn’t everything. Not all of your clients are going to check out your online presence regularly, so it’s best to think of it as a tool that complements other forms of communication. Sending a card about the event will get the attention of people who aren’t subscribed to your social media accounts, while you can use your online presence to provide more in-depth information.

Use a Simple Message

There may be several reasons your clients should get involved in the event, but if you want clients to act, you need to lead with one big, attention-grabbing statement:

— The number of pets adopted or euthanized
— The number of preventable deaths related to disease
— How a disease can affect their pet
— Positive results from last year’s event

It’s even better if you can tailor this information to their pet. For example, while dog owners know something about the risks of heartworm, most people don’t know that this parasite can cause respiratory problems in cats.

Make Your Clients and Your Staff Part of the Story

A stock photo is fine, but you’re more likely to get your clients’ attention with something they recognize, whether it’s a local place, a member of your staff or someone they know in the area.

Having a photo of your staff helping an animal will get a lot more attention, and it helps build your brand: clients won’t just look for a service, they’ll look for your service.

Offer a Discount

If a client can save a little money, they’re less likely to put off care for their pet. For treatment drives, that doesn’t always mean you’ll be cutting into your profits. Buying supplies in bulk may earn you a discount, and if your staff is doing the same medical procedure over and over, they’ll have everything down pat, so it takes less time.

As for adoption drives, new pet owners will be looking for a clinic to take their pet. Offering a discount can sway them toward your clinic, helping you establish a new client relationship.

If you’re having a supply drive for a local shelter, offering a discount will encourage clients to donate and can make it feel like you’re partnering together to help animals.

Offer Freebies

Stickers, goodie bags and calendars are all great ways to encourage clients to get involved. It also doesn’t hurt to have your clinic’s contact information in the hands of current and potential customers. Having a prize package including pet-related items is also a good way to get new and established clients to get in touch with your clinic. 

Let Positive Impressions Help You with Your Next Event

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