Sympathy Cards: Embodying the Supportive Quality of Veterinary Care

Posted by Positive Impressions on Feb 24th 2017

Empathy is one of the top qualities that clients look for in their service providers, and one they’ll judge you by. When a client’s pet passes away, the need for empathy only becomes stronger.

Although often overlooked, personally written cards can go a long way to meet this need. It shows that you care about the special bond shared between the client and their pet, and validates your professional role in this bond. It can embody the personal and supportive quality of veterinary care, a quality that many practices strive for.

Strengthening Client-Clinic Relationship

The process of grief is as unique as the person, lasting days for one person, or years for another; sometimes in stages, sometimes in a cycle.

Sending a written message of sympathy during this vulnerable period can strengthen the relationship between you and the client. The time and effort taken to send a card undercuts the idea of your practice as a “business,” and instead asserts the special and personal bond between the clinic and the client as fellow pet lovers.

Validating the Pain of Pet Loss

The owner’s grief following pet loss can often be trivialized due to a lack of societal understanding. This can further intensify the owner’s loneliness during the grieving process. Giving a sympathy card not only shows support but also validates the owner’s pain from a professional perspective. You understand their grief, and you share in it.

Quality Matters

Using a poor-quality card belittles the effort spent on it and the standard for bereavement care. If you commit to providing high-quality healthcare to animals, extend this commitment to pet loss support.

At Positive Impressions, LLC, our goal is to offer the highest quality products in the industry. We have a wide range of standard and personalized sympathy cards, letting you choose the design that best fits your practice, no matter your animal specialty.

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