That Piece of Direct Mail Marketing Means More Than You Think

Jun 14th 2016

blank mailing labels

In the time after the Great Recession, Americans have grown accustomed to throwing away their mail once they've read it. In recent years, this practice has since died down.

In fact, 48% of people actually keep the direct mail for future reference once they receive it. Of those who check their mail on a daily basis, 98% bring it in the same day it is delivered. This is great news for businesses using direct mail marketing to send appointment reminder postcards, welcome cards, and promotional materials to their customers.

While the Internet is heavily used by many companies now, 70% of people believe that physical mail is more personal. For this reason, many businesses continue to order blank mailing labels to personally write each customer's information. Organic handwriting lets customers know that a company actually cares.

Often times, companies use  blank mailing labels to create personal messages to their most valued customers or to attract new business. There is something about getting veterinary appointment cards and veterinary sympathy cards with your name personally written on the label that makes anyone feel a little joy.

By using blank labels instead of the traditional mailing label stickers, businesses are able to connect with customers in the most simple way, but have a lasting effect. People tend to remember the moment they see their name handwritten instead of typed. In a society where just about everything is done on computers or electronic devices of some kind, writing by hand is slowly dying.

Large companies can often be seen issuing mailers featuring mailing labels with handwritten doodles and messages to customers for their birthdays and special events. These are usually done on blank mailing labels and generate more traffic to their websites and stores as a result.

Chico's, for example, sends its exclusive passport members personalized birthday mailers with a coupon attached to get them to come in and shop during their birthday month. As a result, the retail clothing chain has a very loyal customer base and has been in business for almost 20 years.

The next time you receive a piece of direct mail marketing, check the label. That will tell you more than you think about the company and how they want to connect with you.

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