The Art of Personalization: Creating Tailored Holiday Greetings for Each Veterinary Client

The Art of Personalization: Creating Tailored Holiday Greetings for Each Veterinary Client

Nov 15th 2023

Customizing Tailored Holiday Cards for Your Veterinary Clients

It's never too early to start thinking about the holidays, especially if you're in the veterinary business. You want to make sure you reach out to all your clients with personalized cards that help build relationships and remind them you're there for them and their pets. Not all your clients will be celebrating Christmas, but there are plenty of "happy holidays" card options that cover Hanukah, Kwanzaa and more. This is a great time of year to reach out to your entire client base, and Positive Impressions can help. Here are some ideas and tips to help you make great connections this season.

  • Order early. Start planning your holiday cards early in the year. Positive Impressions often offers some great discounts for October orders on holiday cards, so planning is a great way to save money too.
  • Maintain good records. Make sure your client management system includes clients' updated names and addresses. This is a practice to employ year-round. As clients visit, verify addresses, and even names. Sometimes, clients' official names are not what they like to be called. Make sure you have the right nicknames and prefixes in your system.
  • Choose cards. You can either choose one card that works for all your clients or a couple of different ones. For example, our "May your days be merry and bright" card features cats and dogs, and has a generic enough message to cover all the holidays clients celebrate. However, you may want to choose two separate cards according to their pets. For example, you may order our cat holiday card for cat owners and a more generic pawprint holiday card for others. Similarly, you may choose a "Merry Christmas" card for one segment of your client base and a "Warm Holidays Wishes" card for others.

  • Add staff signatures. You can sign cards personally if it's not too time-consuming, but Positive Impressions also offers the option to add staff signatures to cards, which saves some time and effort.
  • Create a message. You can write a message to each client, which is a great idea, but can be time-consuming. Another option is to personalize your cards with a message from your clinic to clients, and Positive Impressions will print that message inside the card. You can even use this messaging to invite clients to upcoming holiday or first-of-the-year events.
  • Mail early. It's a good idea to get your holiday greetings in the mail near the beginning of December to beat the rush. If you're inviting clients to an open house, make sure they receive the invitation at least a couple of weeks in advance. Another idea is to beat the rush entirely and mail a Thanksgiving card or fall greeting card. This way, clients will get your warm wishes early, and your card will stand out among the many they receive.

If you have any questions about holiday greeting cards or how to order them, feel free to contact us anytime!

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