​The “Aww” Factor: Why are People So Amused by Unlikely Animal Pairs?

​The “Aww” Factor: Why are People So Amused by Unlikely Animal Pairs?

Posted by Positive Impressions on Apr 20th 2017

People love going on YouTube and Facebook to browse videos and photos of animals being cute. Especially when they’re feeling down. What’s more relaxing and enjoyable than watching two unlikely animals getting along?

Try searching for “cat and dog best friends” on Google, and the sheer volume of results will overwhelm you. The activity is not just a way to pass the time and enjoy adorable images of animals. You may also get an idea for your veterinary clinic’s marketing products.

At Positive Impressions, we do not just offer promotional products for veterinarians . We also provide suitable occasion cards for grieving clients.

Cards with images of unusual animal pairings can lighten emotions, or brighten someone’s day. Why does this work so well?

Love Knows No Boundaries

Whether these are domestic or wild animals, it’s possible for you to witness something as bizarre as a lion befriending a coyote. These connections in the animal kingdom are endearing.

The growing number of stories surrounding these unlikely friendships have generated curiosity among the scientific community, encouraging interest in topics of animal altruism and interspecies bonds.

What Scientists Say

How is a relationship between two totally different species possible? Barbara J. King from the College of William and Mary suggests some criteria for the association to occur. She proposes sustaining the relationship for some time; there should also be mutuality, wherein both animals interact, and certain adjustments to meet the needs of the relationship.

Whatever your purpose is for looking at animal photos, it’s hard to deny that these images are captivating.

Whether your veterinary clinic needs calendars and holiday cards to give away or you want to send a sympathy note to a grieving family, we have what you need to create a “Positive impression”. Trust us to provide you with the right veterinary products that make your practice stand out. Browse our website for the latest specials or give us a call today!

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