​The Pain of Losing a Pet

​The Pain of Losing a Pet

Posted by Positive Impressions on Apr 18th 2017

Pets are part of the family for many of us, so we know that grieving over the loss of one is not easy. The degree of pain and the time families spend in moving on depend on the circumstances behind the loss.

Here are the different kinds of loss that clients of your veterinary practice go through:

Painful Decisions

As a veterinary practice, you have firsthand experience with discussing the choices for animals suffering from a long-term illness. It’s not a simple decision, so it’s best to let clients have time to mull it over until they are ready to make a call.

Keep in mind, you have the responsibility to tell them that delaying could just extend their pet’s distress. It’s a devastating choice that could amplify their grief, but you can console them by assuring that the decision shortens the suffering.

Old Age

Losing a pet that has been with a family for a long time will cause a major shift in their daily routine. It could be difficult for them not to have a pet to feed in the morning, to bathe in the afternoon, or to walk in the evening.

It is bound to happen with old pets. Moving on may take some time, but the loss may seem easier to process as it is a natural progression of life.

Unexpected Loss

The unexpected loss includes vehicle accidents, fatal injuries, or even simple disappearance; it catches pet owners off guard. It is unlike a loss from old age or a long-term illness, in which the family has time to process what will eventually happen.

Anger and dismay potentially mix with the initial feeling of grief, making it difficult to accept what happened.

Positive Impressions, LLC knows about the pain of losing a pet and how it can affect an entire household. We provide veterinary sympathy cards that let your practice express compassion and offer support to clients who have lost a pet they consider as family.

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