Unique Ways to Market Your Veterinarian Practice

Jan 18th 2018

Unique Ways to Market Your Veterinary Clinic

Looking for a way to help your clinic stand out from the competition? Already have a market plan, but need some new ideas to help you build your business? Here are some unique ways you can market your practice.

Have a Photo Contest

People love showing off their pets, so holding a photo contest is a natural fit for promoting your business. Social media makes it easy to run a contest online, and there are plenty of tools out there that let you moderate entries and prevent cheating through vote limitations and flagging of multiple votes from a single computer. A pet-based prize, including treats and toys, rewards the pet and shows off what you have to offer.

Sponsor Local Events

Most advertising plans focus on targeting specific consumers, but you could see some benefit from casting a wider net. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 36% of American households own dogs, and 30% own cats. That means no matter where you advertise, a large percentage of the people who see your clinic’s name could use your services, and practically everyone knows someone with a pet. Local running events, conferences and festivals are a great way to get your clinic some more exposure.

Work with Local Shelters

Adoption events are a great way to help animals get new homes and give your clinic a positive reputation in the community. It also makes your clinic the first medical contact new pet owners make, so you’ll be the first place they call if they need help. Food and supply drives also help build your image while helping animals in need. These can be active drives, or you can have a donation station set up from clients to drop off food, blankets and other useful items.

Add Ancillary Services

By extending your practice, you can give clients more reasons to come in. This may be something major like adding the staff and equipment to offer medical care unique to your area, or something as simple as offering some pet care items.

Don’t Forget Other Clinics

No single clinic can cover every service, which is why it’s important to build a good relationship with other clinics and hospitals for referrals. Stay in contact, keep each other up to date on services and office procedures to make referrals as simple as possible, and be sure to thank them for the patients they send your way.

Market to Your Current Customers

The best source for new business is your client base. Return customers spend more per visit and they help draw in new customers through word-of-mouth. Having an event? Add a new service? Make sure your clients know about it.

Bridge the Gap Between Knowing About Your Clinic and Making an Appointment with Help from Positive Impressions

Knowing about your clinic is one thing, but you also need to make sure potential and current clients can act on this information. Positive Impressions offers a wide range of veterinary cards and promotional materials that help you keep in touch, putting your contact information in their hands when they need veterinary services. Want to add branding to a prize package? Need to announce a new service? Want to send a Thank You card to a referring clinic? We have everything you need. Where can you start? Be sure to check out the latest monthly specials on our website. 

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