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Vet Occasion Cards: Keeping Your Practice on Your Clients’ Minds

Posted by Positive Impressions on

Is one of your patients having a birthday? Did they just have a difficult visit? Are you welcoming a new client? If there’s something going on in your client/practice relationship, sending an occasion card is a simple way to show you care. When properly used, they also help keep your clinic on your clients’ minds and encourage them to keep up with their pets' health. These tips will help you use each type of card effectively.


Sending a welcome card shows that you’re still thinking about new clients and their pets after their first clinic visit. It also gives them something with your contact information, making it easier to reach out if they have questions about their pets. It’s also a lot easier to file away a card or put it on the refrigerator.


Not all clients celebrate their pets' birthdays with treats and toys, but everyone appreciates a birthday card. Sending a card helps your clinic be part of that milestone.

After the first few months of a pet's life, we re-evaluate health care plans year to year. Sending a birthday card is a good way to remind clients about yearly checkups and the adjustments needed for care plans as the pet gets older.

Get Well Soon

Even if the prognosis is good, surgical procedures and intensive care are a major emotional weight on your clients. Sending a “get well soon” card can cheer them up and reminds them that they can contact your office if they need advice.


Unless your clinic only takes care of tortoises, the majority of your clients are going to outlive your patients. Sending a sympathy card shows you care about their loss, even if they are no longer a customer. It also encourages clients to return to your clinic when they’re ready to get a new pet.

Along with standard cards, we offer sympathy inserts that can be added to packages with memorial products. Our new die-cut cards let you put a paw print inside the card, a picture of the pet, or even a tuft of hair that is visible from the outside for an added personal touch. This is a great compliment to our ClayPaws kits, giving clients another way to memorialize their lost pets.

Thank You

Sometimes, you just need to show your clients that you appreciate them. There are plenty of reasons to send a thank you card to your clients:

-Referring people to your clinic
-Milestones in the client/practice relationship
-Participating in clinic events including adoption and preventative treatment drives
-Just doing something nice for your staff

-Showing gratitude for donations received

Clients aren’t the only people who should receive these cards. If you have a partnership with another clinic, it’s good etiquette to send a card if they help you with a patient or give your clinic a referral.

Multi-purpose Cards

Sometimes you need to send a message that doesn’t fit in a standard category. That’s why we offer multi-purpose cards with pet-themed graphics so the receiver immediately knows who it’s from.

Get the Cards You Need to Stay In Contact With Clients

Positive Impressions, LLC specializes in occasion cards, reminder cards, memorial products and other items that help you communicate to and build a relationship with your veterinary clients.

We don’t just offer a wide range of pet-themed cards, we also offer several customization options. All cards are available blank to add a personal message, cards with standard greetings, custom clinic information or a full custom print (including signatures). Envelopes can be imprinted with return addresses to make the sending process more efficient as well.

Not sure where to start? Stop by our website and check out our latest specials.  

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