Ways to Build Strong Client-Clinic Relationships

Ways to Build Strong Client-Clinic Relationships

Posted by Positive Impressions on Mar 29th 2018

It’s good to get new clients, but it’s even better if you can keep them. Repeat customers represent the bulk of an established clinic’s business, and the word-of-mouth advertising they generate can be crucial in attracting new clients. These tips will help you build a strong client-clinic relationship that will keep these customers coming in.

Give Clients and Their Pets More Reasons to Visit

There’s a lot more your clinic can offer than just medical care and pharmaceuticals. Offering pet care products as well as services including boarding and grooming make your clinic a place for clients to visit when they need to help their pet, not just for when the pet is sick.

Know the Pet

Your client may pay the bill, but you’re treating their animal. When you get a new patient, get a photo to go with the patent record so your staff will recognize the pet and be able to call it by name. If you can, get the pet's birth date so you can send a birthday card.

Take Your Time

You may see the solution to your patient’s health problems immediately, but that doesn’t mean you should rush the animal and its owner out the door. One of the leading complaints of clients across the industry is the feeling of being rushed when at an appointment. Leave some open space in your schedule to get caught up between visits and deal with emergencies.

Make Sure You’re Taking Care of Your Clients

A quick questionnaire or a suggestion box can help you understand where you’re falling short when clients are visiting, from being greeted as they come in to setting up follow-up visits. However, they won't show smaller issues that could be keeping your clients and their pets from being comfortable. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what you can do to improve. Do pets have minimal interaction to avoid fights? Do clients and their children have a comfortable space when waiting and during examination? If there’s a delay, do your staff let them know about it? Even something as simple as having clear medication labeling, a nice bag for their purchases or a few stickers to hand out to kids can give your clients a better overall impression of your clinic.

Keep Clients in the Loop

Is it time for one of their pets to come in for a visit? Is there a seasonal issue like allergies or Lyme disease that they need to be aware of? Have you added a new service that clients may be interested in? Emails are easy to miss, but veterinary reminder cards won’t get lost in the shuffle. They're also give clients your contact information in a physical form that is easy to access.

Have a Euthanasia Protocol

Make a place for owners to grieve and provide a way for them to exit the office without having to pass through the waiting room. Paw print kits give owners a way to remember their pet, and sympathy cards show you care about the loss of their furry family member. It may be months or years before they’re ready to get a new pet, but if they have a good experience during this trying time, they’re more likely to come back when they need your services again.

Improve Client Relationships with Help from Positive Impressions

Positive Impressions LLC has the products you need to make a good impression with your clients. We offer everything from birthday cards to pet-themed goody bags and memorial products to make your customers feel welcome in good times and bad. Want to include your clinic information or have a unique photo for your cards? We offer custom printing to fit your needs. Looking for ideas? Make sure to check out our monthly specials on our website.

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