When to Expect Cards from Your Veterinarian

Posted by Positive Impressions on Oct 13th 2016

A trip to the veterinarian's office isn't exactly the most fun way to spend an otherwise free afternoon. Although our pets often loathe us for it, they will thank us in the long run for their clean bill of health and proper treatments.

Veterinarians send occasion cards for many different types of events in your pet's life, so you may want to look out for something coming soon. Here are a few reasons that veterinarians send occasion cards in the mail:

  • Nearly half (48%) of all people retain their mail for future reference, so it's likely worth it for you to rummage through your mail soon to make sure that you don't have any  veterinary reminder cards. When an animal is due for a checkup or vaccines, the veterinary office will most likely send out veterinary postcards to help you with your pet's appointment scheduling. When you do come in, you may need to make another appointment, which is usually issued on veterinary appointment cards, too.
  • Your veterinarian will also thank you for bringing your pet in. Like a child, your pet is unable to take care of itself, so bringing in your furry, feathered, or otherwise fluffy friend is important.
  • Vets often send  postcards to welcome new clients to their office or area. Many areas require that your dog be registered with the town that you reside in. When you register your dog, you will most likely be referred to a new veterinarian. They usually make time to address these new referrals and send you information that you'll need to have with you for the appointment.
  • It's also common for doctors, dentists, and vets to send New Years, birthday, Halloween, or Christmas cards, as they like to keep in touch year-round. Not only are these  occasion cards courteous, but they also give the veterinarians a chance to show off photos of their canine and feline patients in costumes, if they choose. Who doesn't like that?
  • Some somber occasions may call for  veterinary sympathy cards. Losing a pet is never easy, so some practices will try to help you through the grieving process. Veterinarians truly care about the well-being of all their patients, which is why they went into veterinary science in the first place. And after building relationships with their human clients, there is often a very strong bond, even after an animal's passing.

Having a great veterinarian team is extremely important for not only your pet's health, but also their level of comfort and your own peace of mind. Finding a veterinarian that you are confident in and has knowledge, compassion, and professionalism is not always an easy task. When you have found that special person that you and your pet trust, a "thank you" is usually in order. However, it's likely that you'll get a  thank you card before they do.

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