Why Plantable Memorial Cards Are Worth the Buy

May 2nd 2016

plantable memorial cards

It is fair to say that more than half of American households own or have owned a pet. In fact, 63% of household in the United States currently own a pet. Of those pets, 88.3 million are cats while 74.8 million are dogs. Losing a pet can be just as hard on an owner as losing a member of their family, and keeping their memory alive is often important. One growing trend in the process of grieving is plantable memorial cards.

Plantable memorial cards are made to celebrate the life of the loved one lost and provide a sense of closure in the process of grieving in the most eco-friendly way possible. The cards are made of plantable seed paper, which contains seeds inside of it that, when planted, grow into a beautiful wildflower garden. While veterinary sympathy cards are also popular, personalized sympathy cards like  plantable memorial cards are on the rise. For those wondering if plantable memorial cards are a good way to preserve the memory of their pet, here are some reasons why it is a good choice:

They are environmentally friendly
Unlike the material many reminder cards and pet sympathy cards for veterinarians are made of, these memorial cards are made of post-consumer waste composed of wildflower seeds or wildflower embedded into paper. The paper is bio-degradable, which means that it does not leave waste behind. Wildflowers are not the only option of what the cards can grow into. Herbs and vegetables can also be grown from the cards and be planted indoors or outside. When planted in fresh soil and given some time, the card becomes a thriving souvenir to remember your beloved pet.

They come in different shapes and colors
There are many different shapes and colors to choose from for these memorial cards. Choose from more natural looking leaves or a simple heart to a traditional cross or angel. There is a card to match anyone's needs. Custom seed paper is also an option to personalize your card even more.

They preserve the memory of your pet
How wonderful would it be to look out your window and see a beautiful garden constantly reminding you of the good times shared with your pet? These memorial cards do just that. Be reminded of the extended member of your family in the most beautiful way possible.

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