Writing a Heartfelt Sympathy Card

Writing a Heartfelt Sympathy Card

Posted by Positive Impressions on Aug 16th 2018

The lifespan of pets is far shorter than humans, so at some point their owners will either see their animal family members pass away from natural causes or have to choose euthanasia to end the suffering of a chronic illness. It’s easy to blow off sending a sympathy card or sending one out with little thought put behind it because it’s a difficult subject to deal with. However, if you have a plan in place for writing sympathy cards, it’s easier to send one that really shows you care. Here are some tips to make this task a little easier. 

Choose a Card to Fit the Situation

What kind of animal was this pet? What was the relationship like between the client, their family and their pet? By having a variety of sympathy cards on hand, you can send something that best fits the circumstances of their pet’s passing.

Mention the Pet by Name

This should be obvious, but it’s the easiest way to keep a card from feeling like it’s a form letter.

Mention Details

Even if you have a custom message printed inside the card, it helps to write a small note relating your relationship to their lost pet. Is there something memorable about your staff’s interactions with the pet or its owner? What about a specific trait or behavior? It can be something simple like how their dog would want to be petted by everyone or their cat would try to explore the exam room during checkups. Our Die-Cut Sympathy Cards are designed to be stamped with a paw print on the inside of the card which will show through the die-cut opening on the outside. These really add a personalized details.

Have Your Staff Sign the Card

No one goes into a vet office and sees only the physician. From the receptionist to aids, there are several people in your office that will interact with the animal and its owner over the course of each visit. By having everyone at your office sign the card, you are showing how your clinic will miss the pet.

Add Something to Help Remember the Pet

Burying a pet in the owner’s back yard gives some closure, but this is becoming less common as time goes one. ClayPaws are a popular way to give owners a physical reminder of their pet when it’s cremated. You can also include memorial seed packs with the card, so the owner can plant flowers as a memorial for their lost pet.

Send it Separately

The last thing anyone wants to be looking at when remembering their deceased furry friend is a bill or an appointment reminder for one of their other animals. Worse still, it gives the impression that you’re trying to sell something when your client is dealing with their loss. Mail the card by itself, or send an insert along with information directly relating to their deceased pet.

We Can Help You Help Your Clients in Their Most Trying Times

For over 10 years, Positive Impressions has helped veterinary clinics and hospitals build relationships with their clients using customizable occasion cards, veterinary calendars, labels and other supplies. We have cards and inserts with poems on the loss of a pet, or we can custom print cards with your choice of text and graphics. Visit our specials page to see our latest deals on veterinary cards and other memorial products.

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