Gifting with Empathy: When and How to Give Paw Print Kits as Condolence Gifts

Gifting with Empathy: When and How to Give Paw Print Kits as Condolence Gifts

Nov 30th 2023

Guidance on Gifting Pawprint Impression Kits as Condolence

No matter how hard you try to prepare your clients, no one can truly be prepared to lose their pet. Whether it be due to old age, a terminal illness or a sudden death, pet loss can be tragic and heartbreaking. As a vet, can help your clients cope with this grief in many ways, including the gift of a Pawprint Impression Kit.

When to Offer a Pawprint Kit

Depending on the person, grief can be experienced very differently so it's important to remain sensitive to your client's emotions. However, in most cases, grieving clients find relief in the opportunity to memorialize their beloved furry friend. Here are some examples of when it might be appropriate to gift a pawprint kit:

Immediately After a Recent Death: Show your condolences and aid clients in coping with the immediate pain that follows after the death of a pet.

Give Them Some Time: It may be too overwhelming for some clients to receive a pawprint kit immediately. They may need more time to process their emotions and feel ready for a pawprint kit.

During a Terminal Illness: This can help prepare a client for losing their pet while creating a memory they can keep forever.

Choosing a Pawprint Kit and Accessories

No pet or pawprint is the same and at Positive Impressions, we provide the means to customize a lasting memory tailored to your client's unique furry friend. With our customizable cat or dog pawprint kit options, your clients can capture a memory before or after their loss. Our ClayPaws® kit comes in original white, soft white, almond shimmer and terra cottacolors. These kits use modeling compounds that simplify obtaining a pet's pawprint, eliminating any mess. Owners can customize their mementos with pawprint kit accessories, including stamps, display easels, decorative bags, ceramic charms and more. Our Air Dry Pet Impression Kits™ come in oval or rectangular shapes with an earth-friendly frame, easel stand and pet-safe molding for a lasting impression that can be made in minutes. Take advantage of our quantity pricing and purchase a six-pack rectangle Keepsake Impression Kits™.

We also offer a Pet Impression Box, a thoughtful storage solution for precious keepsakes with the same air-dry molding material that is safe for paws. Each 5" x 7" box features a removable lid and built-in 4" x 6" picture frame. When selecting a pawprint kit from Positive Impressions as a condolence gift, you can't go wrong with any of these options for a meaningful and heartfelt gesture.

How to Offer a Pawprint Kit

To a grieving pet owner, receiving a Pawprint Impression Kit is much more than a gift. By giving one of our kits, know that you are also showing your sympathy and condolences. When gifting a pawprint kit, let your clients share their fond memories, feelings and even stories about their pet that bring them joy. Your support shows you care and can be incredibly comforting during such a difficult time. The healing process is different for everyone, so remember to be patient and understanding, reminding your client there is no timeline for their grief.

With our guide in mind, you now know the best time and methods for gifting a personalized gift for dog lovers to grieving pet owners. This support and empathy can mean the world to your client, and is a beautiful way to celebrate the end to their pet's well-lived life.

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